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Ductile Iron pipes are commonly used for potable water and sewage transportation. Metallic pipes, primarily cast iron had been used over two centuries ago for water and waste water transportation. Ductile iron pipes which belongs to the family of cast Iron have been developed by treating the molten low — sulphur base iron with magnesium under closely controlled conditions. The startling change in the metal is characterized by the free graphite in ductile iron being deposited in the spheroidal or nodular form leading to maximum continuity of metal matrix thereby forming a stronger and tougher ductile material with high ductility and impact strength.





Product Name

Ductile Iron Pipe suitable for Push-on-joint, Flanged Joint,Restrained Joint.

Class Of Pipe

C20, C25, C30, COO, CSO, C64, CIOO, Class K7. Class K9 and PP Class.

Size Range

DN 80mm to DN 2200mm 

Standard Length

5.5m 16.0m

Internal Linings 

• Cernent Mortar Lining. 
• Cement Mortar Lining with Bituminous Seal Coat. 
• Cetnent Mortar Lining with Epoxy Seal Coat. 
• Cement Type : Ordinary Portland Cement/ Sulphate Resistant Cernent 
   Blast Furnace Slag Cement High Alumina Cement.

Outside Coatings 

• Zinc Coating (130 or 200 gm/m2 or 400 gm,lm2) With finishing 
   layer Of Bitumen/ Blue Epoxy/ Red Epoxy .
• Alloy Of Zinc and Alurninium with or without other metals having 
   minimum mass of 400 ern/m2 with finishing layer Of Bitumen/ Blue Epoxy/ 
   Red Epoxy. 

Outside on site protection

• Polyethylene Sleeving

Coating of Joint Area 

• Bitumen 
• Epoxy - Blue/ Red 
• Polyurethane 

Conforming Specifications

ISO 2531 ; BS EN 545 ; BS EN 598; ISO 7186 ; IS 8329